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10. Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Guns, Gore, & Cannoli Gameplay and Launch Trailer

Vinnie Cannoli has come to Thugtown to find his missing goodfella. Equipped with his Tommy gun and double barreled shotgun, he plans to persuade the gangsters to tell him where his friend has gone. There’s just one problem… they’re all zombies.

Behind you!

If the Godfather, Metal Slug and Night of the Living Dead had a baby, it would be Guns, Gore, & Cannoli. It’s fast-paced, outrageous, hilarious, and even have hand drawn graphics which makes it a unique work of art.

Just as with many platforming games, you must be prepared to run, jump, kick, shoot, and fight your way through enemies. It’s also best to keep moving, because the enemies keep coming and if you wait too long, one or two will soon become a horde.

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