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11. Apotheon

A platforming action-rpg that takes place in a time during Greek Mythology.

Humans have always been arrogant and defiant. The Gods are sick of it and have begun to punish them by taking away the things they need to survive, driving the world into chaos. In another part of the world a warrior is becoming a hero.

Can he fight against and defeat the angry Gods and save humanity?

Fight for humanity!


In Apotheon, you play as Nikandreos, a warrior from the Village of Dion. In the beginning he fights to help his village from invaders. Hera, Zeus’s wife, see this and realizes she may have a hero in him.

She asks him to slay Zeus and his children, otherwise, humanity faces a devastating blow.

As Nikandreos, you must battle your way to Olympus and defeat the Gods in a world that resembles ancient Greek art.  At your disposal will be weapons from the ancient world such as swords, spears, knives, and bows. You can jump, run, and climb your way through the worlds.

Will you defeat the Gods and save humanity?

Defeating Zeus is the only way to save humanity.

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