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best platformer games

4. Spelunky

Spelunky Trailer and Gameplay

An unnamed adventurer has heard of the multitude of treasures that are held within the caves of the mysterious temple. Armed only with a rope and some bombs, his adventure begins… and ends… and begins… and ends…

Our hero meets a family of Yetis.

Spelunky is a frustrating but very fun rogue-like platformer that is very challenging. The fact that it is a rogue-like game is challenging in itself. When you die, you never know exactly what your next map will look like.

There are distinct levels of the temple and when you descend into a new area, you can expect to find harder creatures, boss monsters, and deadlier traps.

Another interesting feature is the shop. When you are spelunking, you will come across shops. If you’ve collected enough treasure, you can afford to buy some new gear that will help you on your adventures.

You may have the option to buy weapons to help you defeat foes or gear to help you climb walls or jump higher.

Players can also rescue damsels in distress which upon success will return health to the player.

Spelunky is a great game if you enjoy platformers that are challenging. When playing on PC, I would suggest a controller, which seems to help with maneuvering the maps, but is not required.

BOOM! Where’s my damsel?

3. Trine 3

Trine 3 Launch Trailer

When three heroes are no longer pleased with their powers, they choose to return to Trine and give up their powers. However, a mistake unleashes an ancient sorcerer. Now they must undo the damage and save their world.

These foes must be dealt with swiftly!

Trine 3 is a 3D action role-playing platform game with beautiful graphics. It is the third game in the Trine series with returning heroes Pontius, Amadeus, and Zoya. Each of these three characters has their own set of skills and abilities that makes them important in completing the game.

Players are able to switch between the three players freely which makes this game unique. As you need a certain characters’ skill, you just switch to them and use them as needed. It is very handy for certain levels and obstacles you may encounter.

The game also allows three-play co-operative multiplayer. You can edit levels in the level editor and even participate in the special challenge levels.

Will this battle be our last?


Strider gameplay trailer.

No one knows how, but one day, Grandmaster Meio just appeared. Within a few years, he had risen to power. A cruel and heartless villain, his mission was to destroy the old world to create a new one.

Before Hiryu, there were 11 assassins sent to kill Meio. All failed. Now, he is the 12th to accept the task, and the Strider Organization’s best hope for succeeding. Will he succeed?

Waiting for the right moment.

STRIDER is a retelling of the original game. In it you take on Hiryu and complete his quest to defeat the Grandmaster Meio, who is an evil overlord that has come to rule very quickly. He has an evil army to back him and even has a research facility where he creates new species to rule under him. why must he defeat Meio?.

The game boasts lightning fast combat with an arsenal of moves and weapons that you can use while slicing and dicing your way through enemies. You can also travel seamlessly through the world, jumping, climbing, and running with the speed and agility of a ninja.

You’ll feel like a real ninja in Strider and if you’ve ever played the older game, get ready to relive the fun you had then!

Speed and agility will get you far.

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