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Gameplay of Metal Slug 3

Years ago, evil General Morden made an alliance with aliens that ended with him being captured and presumed dead. Those who defeated Morden were part of an Intelligence Agency Squad S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S..  Need a better “overview”.

As they tried to wipe out the rest of Morden’s followers, they realized that the enemy is too strong and very well organized. Now, they must regroup and defeat this new threat.

This is not from our world.

Metal Slug 3 is much like its predecessors; a fast paced run and gun side scroller in which you must constantly shoot as enemies swarm you. Keep moving and shooting as you push through each level, confront a boss at the end of each level.

The game is more than just running, gunning, and blowing up things. Within each level you can find weapon upgrades that will considerable raise your ability to fight your enemies. Each level also contains Metal Slug tanks that increase your offense and defense.

As with previous games there are several new vehicles that are added into the game. Some of these include the Slug Driller, Elephant Slug, and Ostrich Slug.

The Elephant Slug is a strong addition to your arsenal.

A new feature that was introduced in to Metal Slug 3 was a branching path system that allows the player to choose between different paths. All lead to the same boss but each path has its own obstacles, length, and difficulty.

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