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14. Mark of the Ninja

A peek into the world of Mark of the Ninja

After receiving an irezumi tattoo, an unnamed ninja in the Hisomu clan is awakened to find that his dojo is under attack. He is able to defeat several of the attackers and rescue many of his clan members.

Soon he learns that his tattoo is more than a tattoo. It was created with the ink of a special flower that gives the ninja sharpened senses and reflexes. These new abilities also come at a great cost.

Now the ninja with the help of another ninja named Ora must take revenge on those who attacked the dojo and unravel the motive behind the attacks.

The unnamed ninja and Ora seek justice for their dojo.


Take control of the unnamed protagonist and enter a true stealth experience like no other. Choose the path of a ghost and only kill those who deserve it. Or choose to be a ruthless assassin and kill them all, leaving no one to tell the tale.

Make it quick and silent.

There are five levels in this game. Each level has its own challenges. Dodge traps, evade enemies, and reach objectives.

Each step you take gets you closer to your goal of avenging your clan and uncovering the truth. You’ll feel like a real ninja when playing Mark of the Ninja.

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