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4. The Forest

So, we have some good news, and some bad news. The good news is, you’re alive! You survived the horrific plane crash, the fiery ball of death, and the fall into the forest. Look, your son survived too. Although, he’s being dragged away by those mutants right now so… We’ll get back to that. But anyway, the bad news. The bad news is that the island you’ve landed on is populated by vicious mutant cannibals. And they’re probably going to end that brief period of survival you’ve got going on. Good luck!

The open world features seasonal and weather cycles with realistic plant growth/death and tidal cycles, as well as a myriad of underground caves and secret areas for you to explore. Build your base, and decorate it with plants, small items, and deadly traps for your friendly neighbourhood cannibals, who will attack you when the sun goes down.

Honestly, this game is terrifying. And if you like fighting tentacle-headed monsters, being eaten alive and watching people being viciously ripped apart in toothed traps while you run away, it’s definitely something you’ll love. Also available on Oculus Rift for extra immersion.

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