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3. Rust

A forced multiplayer, wilderness sandbox where your best chances of survival lie in not losing your rock.

Players starting Rust are dropped randomly into a wilderness (containing several other players) with just a torch and a rock. They are expected to set up a base, find food and water, stay warm and not die. Which is harder than it sounds.

With dangerous wildlife, large bodies of water, temperature effects and- worst of all- other gamers in the same world as them, it can be somewhat difficult to scratch out a meaningful life. But fear not, because, let’s be honest, all the struggle is worth it.

For one thing, the game is absolutely beautiful. Running on Unity 5, the open world format becomes a major boon to survival, in that it’s easier than you’d think to find somewhere away from raiders to build your base. Alternatively, if you don’t want to hide, you can join a faction, and enjoy the security that provides.

Also, Rust is interesting in that it doesn’t allow you to choose your character. You are assigned a gender and race randomly, and that gender and race are linked to your Steam account permanently, giving you a lesson in how it feels to be born different from your current self. So not only is it a beautiful, complicated game, it’s also a lesson in temperance. Take that, Freaky Flyers.

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