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20. We Happy Few

We Happy Few Gameplay

Set in the mid 1960s in the Wellington Wells, a fictional city in England, you’ll have your choice of one of three different characters addicted to a drug called Joy. Trying to wean yourself off of it, you’ll need to make decisions that affect your game while completing the necessary tasks to finish the game. 

To survive as you kick the habit, you can rummage through buildings to gather items, weapons and food. Complete tasks to advance the story. Keep your health to maintain the energy to explore the open world. To keep yourself safe while out, you’ll need to pretend to be one of the Joy addicts. If you’re discovered to not be one of them, they’ll try to capture or kill you. You have to play by their rules or risk death. 

31 survival games

You’ll have to fight the Wellies that you run across while making your supply runs.

31 survival games

This is a strange, beautiful world full of dark humor and the reminder that even the best of heroes are flawed. 

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