11 Best MMOrpgs to Play in 2016

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The races of Blade and Soul.

What are the Best MMOrpgs of 2016?

MMOrpgs are still one of the most popular gaming genres on the PC. The appeal of vast, open worlds to explore with friends is timeless and in 2016 there are many MMOrpgs that give the player some of the best online experiences.

11. Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark Online offers a chance to combat the demon army that has been released. The player must find The Lost Ark amidst demon hoards in order to annihilate the demonic threat that has sent the world into chaos.

Lost Ark Online is a game to get excited about this year. The world is stunning, the music enticing, and the enemy hoards dangerous. Closed beta testing is set for this year with the eventual release of the game set to be summer or fall 2016 for Korea and early to mid-year 2017 for the western markets.

The exciting gameplay and interesting spells speak for themselves is the class showcase as you witness the powerful characters tearing through hoards of enemies in this visually stunning game.

This game promises an amazing gaming experience that MMOrpg gamers from around the world can look forward to with baited breath this year. 

10. Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance

The main theme of Lineage Eternal is war. It shares a world with the precious Lineage games but its story centers around defeating the forces of darkness that won the fight against the armies of good two hundred years prior. The player is the character that will seek to end the reign of evil.

Coming in 2016, Lineage Eternal is an exciting new release in the MMOrpg world. The game is set to have a simultaneous worldwide release of the fantasy game.

The game will feature large scale battles which will include siege warfare. The classes include the knight protector, elementalist, and spirit archer.

The gameplay includes an interesting mechanic that varies by class wherein the player will draw a shape with their mouse and the character will do a corresponding attack. For example, if you draw a circle around the protector he will perform a whirling slash.

9. Bless Online

BLESS is a story-driven, fantasy world that pulls the player in by its stunning graphics and epic game style. It is set in a medieval fantasy world and the main story centers on a war between factions that had been ongoing for decades. Players will join a faction based on their race and class choices and continue this battle.

The game is known for pushing limits in the MMOrpg world – the gameplay and the art style are notably stunning.

The game has spent this last year in beta in China, Taiwan, and Korea and the release should be near at hand in 2016 for these countries.

8. Tree of Savior

The Goddess Laima has selected the player to be the hero that will combat the monsters who began appearing on earth after the tree of life appeared and the Goddesses disappeared.

Although the release date has not been announced, Tree of Savior is a game to look out for in 2016. The game offers an endearing art style and music set as well as interesting gameplay.

There are 4 base classes: swordsman, wizard, cleric, archer. However, as you level up your character you receive more and more specialization and class choices so you can truly make your character your own as you develop through the game.

The game’s world offers fun questlines, combat, and interesting characters with its fun online play and it will certainly be a game to keep your eye on this year.

7. ESO: Tamriel Unlimited

Elder Scrolls Online

Three alliances are fighting for control of the Imperial City in the land of Elder Scrolls. The player much choose between the three: The Daggerfall Covenant, The Aldmeri Dominion, of The Ebonheart Pact. The player must fight the other covenants and the dark forces of Oblivion in Elder Scrolls online.

The Elder Scrolls Universe is one of the most well developed universes in the gaming world. The accompanying MMO, as a result, has been a huge success and a great addition to the gaming franchise.

What lands Elder Scrolls online in this list is that the game still maintains a high level of appeal for newcomers to the franchise and veterans. In the recent announcement on the Elder Scrolls Online website, the developers have promised many developments for the game this year.

These developments include improvements to the social aspect of the game with improved looking for group and guild functionality as well as player scaling so friends of different levels can play together.

Another upcoming development this year seems to be changes to the player leveling system. Specifically, the developers want to address the end game leveling.

It looks like it will be an exciting year of development for Elder Scrolls Online and it will be fun to see how the predicted changes play out over the year. 

6. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Characters

In Guild Wars 2, the player chooses their story. Based on the choices they make as they progress in the game, the player moves forward in the ever-changing and immersive world of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMOrpgs out right now. The responsive world, the player base, and the steady stream of updates help make the game what it is today.

With the release of Heart of Thorns last year, the game received many new and exciting elements for players to experiment with such as

Guild Halls and the profession revenant.

Overall, Guild Wars 2 offers a unique game environment that is always changing and expanding in new and fun ways. The game developers hope to release many more updates with Quarter 1 of 2016 that focus on the depth and balance of the game.

This year promises to have many great strides in the development of Guild Wars 2 and MMOrpgs fans can look forward to seeing the world develop and participating in that development throughout the year.

5. Archeage

The player can choose their experience and, although there are factions, the player has the power to choose their path and create a character all their own.

Archeage has been an incredibly enticing game since its release in 2013. The game has only gotten better over time. It offers an epic fantasy environment where the player can choose their own path and development through the game.

The vast, sand-box feel of the game makes this game the truly unique experience that it is.

The Heroes Awaken Expansion/Update offers new world events to experience, housing specialization, an enhanced guild system, and the chance to develop your character further than you previously imagined.

4. Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

Heavensward is an expansion to the MMOrpg Final Fantasy XIV. The player must leave the shelter they have been given by Lord Haurchefant and continue a journey to Ishgard where a struggle against dragons continues.

In Final Fantasy fashion, Heavensward is another installment does not disappoint fans of the franchise and has expanded the world of Final Fantasy XIV even more.

The core MMOrpg has been out for a few years in various forms (the original XIV and then the laster release of A Realm Reborn). Heavensward the first expansion to the game, was released last year. It adds classes and new pieces to the map of Eorzea that can be explored.

The new classes include a machinist, dark night, and the astrologian. Each class adds more exciting gameplay to an already great MMOrpg and the expansion promises even more great growth past its release and into the new year.

3. Blade & Soul

Players begin training at the Hongmoon School in the class that they have chosen. But the story truly begins when the students and your master are murdered by the Jinsoyun, who are searching for Twillight’s Edge. The player will stop Jinsoyun from releasing the powers of darkness onto the world as they seek revenge on the murderers of their master and fellow students.

Blade & Soul, coming out this year on Jan. 19th, is a brand new MMOrpg. It offers six unique classes and four races. The player can choose to be an ultra-adorable Lyn, an elegant Yun, a justice-seeking Jin, or a fearsome Gon.

The game is fast paced and characters can run, jump, and glide quickly through the beautiful, animated world. The core elements are martial arts and mythology.

Overall, it promises to be an exciting, graphically-enticing, and interesting MMO release of 2016.

2. Black Desert Online

The world of Black Desert was divided into two countries – Calpheon and Valencia. These two factions compete mercilessly for the Black Stone, an energy resource. The player is set into this world of tension and must write their own story as they navigate the sandbox of Black Desert Online.

Coming in early 2016, Black Desert Online is an exciting new MMOrpg. The gamer offers a fantasy role-play experience with endless possibilities.

The world is vast with no fast travel, which sounds like a con to the game but with the world being as immersive and graphically stunning as it is, the vastness of the world feels more like an epic adventure and less of a grind.

The NPCs and lore of the story is no small piece either. The game is supported by wonderful story and story progression that helps make the game all the more immersive.

One of my favorite things that I’m personally looking forward to in this game is the houses. Being able to have a home and personalize it is one of my favorite things in games and it’s always a feature that I seek out when given the opportunity.

Overall, the release of Black Desert Online has been highly anticipated for 2016 and should satisfy the MMOrpg market with its unique gameplay.

1. World of Warcraft Legion

World of Warcraft Legion continues the epic tale of Azeroth. The Burning Legion has returned to Azeroth in this chapter and is trying to call forth their leader Sargeras. Heroes must fight the legion and push it back to stop the destructive forces that might otherwise destroy Azeroth.

There is a lot of excitement around World of Warcraft legion and all of the new features, places, and story that will be coming out with the release of Legion later this year.

Legion will open up the demon hunter class. Demon hunters are the disciples of Illidan and wield the power of the demons that they have slain. As a melee or tank class, the demon hunters will provide new and exciting gameplay in Legion. The demon hunters start out in the new area of Mardum.

This world will offer a new starting experience for those playing the Demon Hunter class.

Other exciting new features will become available with the Legion expansion update. A raised level cap is no small thing as players can now play to level 110, explore new areas, and delve deeper into the world of Warcraft lore and story.

This year’s developments will continue on the legacy of what makes World of Warcraft great. 


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