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10 Underrated Games That Are Actually Awesome
Just give them a chance

1. Legend of Dragoon

Dart, Shana, and Rose defending the world from destruction.

The reason why Legend of Dragoon 2 was cancelled is something that will haunt me to my dying day. I remember playing this game when I was younger and absolutely loving it. Then I found out what an underrated game this was because no one else had played it. Sure the combat was a little clunky and could’ve used some improvement, but everything else was great! The characters were believable and relatable, the story was immersive and well-written, and the gameplay was fun.

The world is at war and you take the role of an adventurer named Dart. His simple quest to rescue his childhood friend from the opposing army that sacked his hometown grows into a full blown conflict that will determine the fate of the world. The sequel got scrapped because there was a lack of interest. I just hope that one day this franchise will get picked up again. This RPG was one of the greatest of our time.

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