10 Underrated Games That Are Actually Awesome: Page 6 of 10

10 Underrated Games That Are Actually Awesome
Just give them a chance

5. Binary Domain

Angry robots that are becoming sentient... what more could you want?

As a member of the Rust Crew, it becomes your job to deal with the breaches made in the new Geneva Convention. The world has been torn a part by global warming and a new world order exists in this post-apocalyptic shooter. You are sent to Japan in order to capture the supposed creater of a dangerous robot that attacked the government headquarters. As you arrive you quickly realized you might have gotten more than you bargained for.

The game is gritty and received relatively positive reviews, but the lag in multiplayer and buggy functions resulted in poor sales. Still though, this game was reported as fresh and often thrilling by IGN. In this game you are able to command your crew members to fulfill certain orders which is a nice change from playing completely solo.

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