10 PC Game Villains Who Got What They Deserved: Page 9 of 10

A face-shot of Sarah Kerrigan who is now the Queen of Blades.
Sarah Kerrigan is the Queen of Blades.

9. Wheatley - Portal 2

For the most part, Wheatley is awesome.

Wheatley from Portal 2 is a special breed of villain whose transition into power was abrupt. Wheatley became drunk on power and corrupted quickly. Instead of continuing his quest to assist Chell in her escape from the enrichment center, he concocts a series of traps to ensure her death which ultimately leads to his demise.

Get to know Wheatley by watching this clip.

Death would have been better than the fate Wheatley is still suffering. Instead of a quick disassembly, Wheatley was sucked into space through a portal accompanied by the most annoying of companions, the idiotic Space Core.

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