10 PC Game Villains Who Got What They Deserved: Page 8 of 10

A face-shot of Sarah Kerrigan who is now the Queen of Blades.
Sarah Kerrigan is the Queen of Blades.

8. Andrew Ryan - BioShock

Think for yourself, would you kindly?

Andrew Ryan from BioShock is another villain who completely deserves the death that came his way. Andrew Ryan is a different breed of criminal than say Handsome Jack. Unlike Jack, Andrew Ryan had a code of ethics he believed in and felt would make Rapture a better place.

Rapture was his vision, chaos was the reality.

Unfortunately, when forced into a corner, Andrew Ryan had no choice but to bend his own rules which erased his credibility to lead. Attempting to regain control of the chaos that ensued from his bending of the rules, he became the very monster that he felt Rapture would be the solution to.  

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