10 PC Game Villains Who Got What They Deserved: Page 5 of 10

A face-shot of Sarah Kerrigan who is now the Queen of Blades.
Sarah Kerrigan is the Queen of Blades.

5. Darth Malak - Knights of the Old Republic

Malak is one of those tyrant-types whose killing spree was out of control. He commits treachery after treachery sparing no innocents in his conquest of the galaxy. We get it, Malak. Nobody understands you and you need more power.

You know you are a rebel when your master slices your jaw off.

You want to betray the Jedi Order? Fine, that is your choice. Oh, so now you want to exterminate the Jedi Covenant? Now we are a bit concerned. Seriously, Malak? You would happily execute thousands of innocents on Taris in order to ensure the death of Bastila Shan? You miserable wretch, you. And to top it off, you go and betray your Sith Master because you need more power? That is where we draw the line, Malak.

I proudly give you the original trailer for Knights of the Old Republic.

Plain and simple, Malak had it coming. Who better to deliver the fatal blow other than his former Sith Master fighting once again for the Jedi. Darth Revan puts this fireball down once and for all.

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