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Experience the explosive power of these mech monsters.

10) Steel Beasts

Steel Beasts Pro PE - M1A2 gameplay

Want to learn how to drive a tank? In Steel Beasts, you can do that and perfect your skill, through this tank simulator.

In this immersive experience, you the Player can learn how to operate a tank. However, you and your team must traverse through the game world and learn the secrets on how to operate a tank and move through dangerous landscapes. Combat soldiers are trained in real life to handle and operate these tanks through these simulators.

Steel Beasts is a pure simulator experience that put Players in life-like combat scenarios. Other Players through a program called "Mission Editor" create these scenarios. In Mission Editor, the Creators establish objectives that the Player must achieve and along the way, they must overcome all obstacles that are in their way.

Players must navigate through difficult terrain, navigate through mines, and defeat enemy tanks to achieve their primary objective. The enemy Tanks are equipped with an AI logic to help give the Players a realistic combative experience. Whoever is the primary creator of the scenario chooses which current nation goes to battle; it could be America against Iraq or Austria against Poland. 

Inside of a M1A2

Steel Beasts Pro

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