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Steel beasts!
Steel beasts!

2. Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star

Graviteam Tactics Tank Gameplay

Graviteam 01

The almighty Tiger

Graviteam Tactics is a series of squad-based, tactical war games set in World War II. Operation Star, which focuses on the bloody battles on the Eastern Front, emphasizes brutal tank combat across the varied terrains of Europe.

Over 60 real-world units from Germany, UK, and the Soviet Union are represented in this game. That’s a lot of metal to play with! Not only are the models painstakingly detailed after their real-world counterparts, they behave realistically, too. Damage a tank’s tracks, and except its mobility to suffer. Compromise its aiming mechanism, and it’ll have a harder time hitting targets.

The landscapes are enormous, and feature destructible environments. Enemy defenses can be shattered. Houses can be collapsed. Explosions leave craters, scarring the terrain. Operation Star also boasts a day/night cycle, as well as weather conditions that can affect visibility, among other things.

If you enjoy realism, gigantic maps, and loads of beautiful machines of war, this is one of the best tank games you can play!

Graviteam 02

Prepared for anything

Graviteam 03

Winter bloodshed

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