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Steel beasts!
Steel beasts!

4. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer - Tank Gameplay

BF4 01

Infantry and tanks working together to take out the opposition

One of the best multiplayer experiences returns in Battlefield 1 – and it comes with some meaty tank gameplay!

Set in 2020, the story involves a war between superpowers Russia, China, and the USA, and follows Sgt. Daniel Recker as he attempts to tip the scales in favor of his country.

But multiplayer is where the game truly shines. Up to 64 players can duke it out in any of the game’s enormous maps. And you’ve got loads of vehicles to use, too, including everyone’s favorite mechanical behemoths, tanks.

Environments are dynamic, featuring buildings and other structures that can be destroyed during battle. This can alter areas significantly enough to necessitate quick, intelligent adjustments in tactics. For example, a house can be collapsed to provide cover or obstruct the path of vehicles. Even the weather can affect how players approach every battle.

One player in the team takes the role of Commander, giving him the tactical view of an RTS game. This lets him issue commands to his teammates, and even order missile strikes and send reinforcements.

Several expansions, such as Naval Strike and Second Assault provide new maps and game types, extending the game’s replayability and securing its place on this list of the best most recent tank games.

BF4 02

The best place to be when there's an enemy tank around!

BF4 03


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