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 tank games
Experience the explosive power of these mech monsters.

4) Star Wars Battlefront (2016)

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT Gameplay

Take the battle to the stars and to other planets in the universe of Star Wars. Fight as the Empire or the Republic/Rebels and may the Force be with you.

Battlefront is vastly different version of its predecessor. Players can now use massive tanks known as the AT-AT as spawning locations to get closer to their target destination. There is a Multiplayer mission where the Rebels must stop the AT-AT from getting into range of the Rebel base. Though there are more limited tanks and respawn time takes a while, but once inside, these tanks dominate.

Take out other competitors’ by taking out gunners and aiming for the center of the tank. Use your fellow soldiers as extra protection from saboteurs. They need you as you need them. Your tank will always get damaged, but with a dedicated and hard-working crew, you can win the war.

The Battle on Hoth

Tank Teamwork on Hoth

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