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Steel beasts!
Steel beasts!

7. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 01

Staring down the barrel

Love tanks and sci-fi? Play PlanetSide 2.

An MMO first-person shooter, PlanetSide 2 is set on Auraxis, a humongous open world where thousands of players vie for control of numerous territories.

Players can choose from three factions: the authoritarian Terran Republic, who have fast medium tanks; the freedom fighters, the New Conglomerate, whose forces boast heavily armored tanks; and the cult-like Vanu Sovereinty whose tanks, known as Magriders, levitate.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. PlanetSide 2 has floating tanks.

PlanetSide 2 puts an emphasis on teamwork and player skill. Unique gameplay features include a persistent day/night cycle, which adds tactical considerations to combat, as darkness can offer concealment for coordinated offensives. Controlling territories also provides faction bonuses, while experience points allow players to unlock new skills, weapon and vehicle upgrades, and more.

Definitely a game worth checking out!

PlanetSide 2 02

Where there's smoke... there are tanks!

PlanetSide 2 03

Tanks go high tech in PlanetSide 2

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