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 tank games
Experience the explosive power of these mech monsters.

6) Battlefield 4

BF4 - Tank 49 Kill Streak

Battlefield 4 takes Players into an alternative futuristic war between USA, China, and Russia.

Players will be able to take control of six different types of tanks, each with its own destructive power. Tanks are fitted with a main cannon and a high caliber machine gun to take down enemy infantry at close range.

The main cannon of the tank can be controlled by one player while the machine gun can be controlled by another. These armored vehicles can take a lot of damage but beware of antitank weapons like rocket propelled grenades.

The tank you possess is equipped with a thick hull at the front to absorb blows. Acceleration is slow, and takes a while to get to full speed. It is destructive, hard to handle and control, but it is your best ground weapon on the battlefield.

Until another tank attacks you, then you risk a quick death. If your rear hull is exposed, the enemy can deliver a fatal blow. Your arsenal is designed to handle any challenges. Know your machine and their weapons, for it can mean the difference between Victory and Defeat.

Use your Tanks to handle any terrain

Tank Battle

5) Red Orchestra 2: Armored Assault

Red Orchestra 2: Armored Assault, Tanks Done Right

In WWII on the Eastern Front, a mission took place that changed the world forever. Participate in that critical moment with your compatriots and do whatever you can to win against the enemy.

The tanks inside the game held historical significance during the war on the Eastern Front. And players will participate in that history. You can learn to the handle these deadliest tanks as you navigate through hard terrain, taking care of the enemy that stands in your way.

The Player can use any tank during this part of the war to help them accomplish their mission. They must travel through war torn cities, green valleys and devastated terrain to root out and defeat the enemy. 

You and your team getting ready for conflict

Tank aiming for a target

4) Men of War Assault Squad 2 (2014)

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Trailer!

The game is about the Second World War, where you and other Players fight it out on the battlefield, all aiming for one goal -victory at all cost. Join a side, go on foot, by air, or behind a tank and take the fight to the enemy.

Another strategic game, you command the tanks and troops as you capture town after town. Utilize the tanks as you see fit to your combat style and strategy. Use the troops assigned to you to operate and maintain the tank.

Tanks prowling down a field

Tank Battle

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