10 Best Strategy Games to Play in 2015

10 Best Strategy Games to Play in 2015

Here are 10 good strategy games played by millions worldwide

2015 has quite a few promising titles being released, but there are still a number released in recent years that are given new life with expansions. Even without them, excellent mechanics and a diverse community keep each game feeling fresh. But, with so many great games released every year, what's a good place to start? Well, no worry! Here's a list of 10 strategy games to play in 2015 to help you out!

10) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone has a lot going for it. The game has simple mechanics that many can slide into, a large collection of virtual collectible cards, multiple game modes, a huge following, and its free to boot. Hearthstone pits two players against one another in a turn based match. Every round, players take turns choosing cards to play that cast spells, equip weapons, send out minions to attack etc. It's easy to pick up and play and a good place for many to start learning how to create strategies and string together moves/attacks. Plus, not many PC Strategy Games let you do ridiculous things like have a turn that lasts 45 hours.

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