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10 best sniper games 2017
He's got a bullet with your name on it.

8. Overwatch

39 Kill Widowmaker Sniper Gameplay - Sexy, Silent and Deadly

Blizzard’s Overwatch has proven the renowned gaming company can take any genre and make a masterpiece of a game. It would almost be fairer to say that the two snipers from Overwatch, Ana and Widowmaker, are what belong on this list. Even more so, they both provide distinctly different benefits to their team.

Widowmaker is a death dealing assassin who can grapple her way into elevated positions to get the best shot and can reveal the entire enemy team for her allies benefit. Ana is a support character who can heal and boost friendlies while weakening the enemy. She can also put enemies to sleep. Being snipers, they do require more than average skill to play well so when you see a play of the game for one of these two, you know that gamer has skill.

Hanzo wrecking it with his bow and arrow - 30 kill streak

Ana and Widowmaker, two of the female snipers in Overwatch

7. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Long range sniping gameplay in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft’s next addition in the Ghost Recon series is the new hotness for co-op 3rd person shooters. Following a team of operatives in their mission to take down a dangerous drug cartel; players will fill several roles in the team to complete the goals of the game as they see fit.

Snipers have always been a fundamental part of Ghost Recon games and Wildlands is looking to be no different. Acting as scouts and assassins the Wildlands Sharpshooters can stop the High Value Targets from getting away, shoot out tires on escaping drug runner’s vehicles or provide Overwatch for his team’s assault. 

Get ready to assassinate enemies from a distance

One of the sniper rifles available in game. Each sniper rifle has its advantages and disadvantages

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