10 Best Real Time Strategy Games for 2015

10 Best Real Time Strategy Games 2015
Real-time strategy games on land and in space

'Tis the season for RTS

Up until recently it seemed like real time strategy games began to die down. Gone are the days of the old Command and Conquer titles, while Warcraft is no longer a strategy. To be frank, the genre had almost disappeared... Yet, hope still remains! Thanks to a couple of companies finally getting their formulas right, a few well-needed remakes and even a new experiment, 2015 is probably the best year to get back into army and unit management. If you're not quite sure where to being, that's why I'm here with a list that will get you covered.

10. Etherium

Etherium Gameplay Trailer

Since this is 2015, I thought it best to start off with something new. Etherium is one of the two new titles that really strive to capture the classic concept, though with some added complexity that may put off those looking for traditional.

Diggin' the big bots!

It resembles the old Red Alert titles, except in a more futuristic setting. Three factions, rock-paper-scissors units and pure military construction. However, there is one new interesting element in the equation - the weather. Depending on where you do battle, you might face sandstorms, blizzards, hurricanes and other challenges of nature. It also added a turn-based element with a space map, so you could call it a hybrid.

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Hez2 2 years 3 months ago

I am amazed at the traditionalism that our creationist gods of coding and design, the laziest of the lazy of actions! they have done nothing to bring new glory to our Race! the limitations pc programmers have been allowed to place upon OUR programs because of the pretty pictures they give us so we don't notice the lack of new programming... and they feed the violence in our hearts; making it seem that war MUST be the only way to win a war, and that peace is not possible for people who believe in differing gods, whether science, force or more powerful beings, makes it so that no elf can love an orc or that the zerg can evolve beyond instinct (though they have, maybe- with the training of Kerrigan- we can hope :-\) but can they be helpful to another race outside of war? never is that allowed! we need a virtual galactic game, that can be played across all platforms, and can be played offline mostly, with a requirement that you update and have the game online for 4 hours per 7 days- it should start with 25 Paleolithic nomads and it would have aspects of true time; the game gives your people a series of problems that shape the future of the race, will you seek magic? will you reject it completely? will you value battle or creation of pottery? will you praise the sun for giving you warmth one winder day? will you seek truth or give up the need to understand everything- one of your people dreams a dream about a being that tells your people to do something- will they? and all along you see the opinions of the people, did they go along only because they feared the leader and refused to fight him/her? did they trust the seer? this would reach out into the galaxy over the period of months and years, and after you go through the beginning phase of finding yourself you could play it in many ways- skirmish battles of economic, diplomatic, battle, and a multitude of other possible missions that the people of your land participate. you could build a colony, an outpost, a mine, roads, a wonder city, and so on... I had fun with that dream, thanks for letting me post it and reading it