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10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games You Should Play With Your Buddies
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5. Killing Floor 2

Need your horror games splattered in gore? Killing Floor 2 will match that and add way more gore than you could have ever dreamed of.

Killing Floor 2 takes place one month after the original game. The government has collapsed, communications have failed, and the military has been eradicated. A group of mercenaries and civilians have joined together to combat zombies. The game has tons of new features, characters, monsters, and weapons that build upon the original game.

Not your average neighborhood night watch

Seriously, get ready to bathe your pixilated self in blood. Killing Floor 2 features an extreme amount of gore like severed limbs, entrails, and spurting blood will be abundant as players fight enemies. The streets will be painted with blood and speckled with organs.

Most significantly is the game's multiplayer. Killing Floor 2 has six player co-op for a crazy good zombie slaughter time. Players have a multitude of characters that they can play as whether they are playing alone or in co-op. The game also has tons of weapons like military assault rifles and classic historical guns. Also players have control over the types of melee attacks at their disposal. The game features an expansive perk system that amplifies different play styles. These factors make for an extremely personalized experience. 

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