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10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games You Should Play With Your Buddies
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9. System Shock 2

Need some classic horror in your gaming sessions? Then System Shock 2 is the right match for you. This game is a cult sci-fi FPS and RPG from the 90s featuring one of the most iconic AI's in all of gaming.

The player awakes to find cybernetic implants in their skin and the crew of the starship Von Braun brutally killed. The infected roam the ship, with their screams and moans resonating everywhere. To make matters worse, the artificial intelligence SHODAN ridicules you and your attempt at uncovering the horrifying truth of the starship Von Braun. 

SHODAN, haunting you since 1999

Players can pick from three military branches to utilize unique skills, weapons, and paranormal powers. You'll conduct research to improve your chances in battle, unlock weapons and items, uncover cryptic audio logs, and encounter ghostly entities. Don't forget to upgrade and develop your skills to improve your weapon proficiency, paranormal powers, and hacking abilities.

System Shock 2 features a multiplayer mode for up to four players. Take on this classic horror game with your friends and see if you'll be able to endure SHODAN and uncover the truth of the Von Braun starship.

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