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7. GTA V

Grand Theft Auto VI Official Trailer

The city of Los Santos is available for exploration by PC gamers. GTA V is most notably known for being split up into almost two separate games—the story mode and the online mode. 

Story mode holds the main characters of Michael, a retired professional bank robber who is returning to the world of crime after a deal with the FIB; Trevor, Michael’s long time best friend and something along the lines of a temperamental lunatic; and Franklin, a young man with very little criminal history until Michael comes along. Play along with them in their various heists, or build your own character and play against your peers in online mode. 

In story mode, play as Michael, Franklin or Trevor as you complete missions. The skills required for each mission vary, so sometimes you’ll need just one character and sometimes you’ll need all three. Switching back and forth between characters is easy, and outside of missions the characters will go about their lives until you switch to them. 

You can also play in online mode, which hosts 30 players and two spectators. This mode allows you to customize your character from their looks to their abilities, and once your character is created you can buy different hairstyles, clothing options, and even get them tatted up at the local tattoo parlors. 

Gameplay across the two is similar. There are a large number of weapons available, from sticky bombs to pistols to rocket launchers. Melee combat has been improved over the last Rockstar games, and include weapons like brass knuckles, pipes and golf clubs that can be used to batter someone. Heists and jobs are the way to go to make money and level up in the game.

Our rating – 5/5

best gangster games for pc

Play against others in online mode to earn RP and cash.

gangster games for pc

All types of weapons are available for your use in GTA V. 

GTA IV Gameplay

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