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13. Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row 3 Boss Fight (Bare Fists)

Who says the grim underbelly of crime has to be dark and gritty? Saints Row: The Third proves it can be laugh-out-loud hilarious, too.

Submachine guns? Rocket launchers? So yesterday. Why not stun foes with a fart-in-a-jar grenade, break skulls with a DDT, or dislocate some jaws with a swing from a dildo bat? And when you’re not busy blowing up hordes of hoodlums with your tank, you can impress all the dames with your hover jet.

The game revolves around a gang called the Third Street Saints. Like the GTA franchise, you’re free to roam a huge open world called Steelport in your bid to overtake rival crime rings such as the Luchadores, who are – you guessed it – a gang of masked, Mexican wrestlers. If that isn’t wacky enough for you, then try out the missions, many of which will leave you in stitches.

Our rating – 3/5

Saints Row The Third 01

Saints Row The Third 02

Just another ordinary day in Steelport

Saints Row The Third 03

Saints Row The Third 04

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