10 Best Free Adventure Games for PC

best free adventure games pc
Create your ideal character in these free online adventures.

Looking for a good adventure game but have no money?

Adventure games make up a classic genre that has captured the interest of many gamers. But, like most games, they come with a price tag. If you are looking for a quality adventure game without spending any money, read on to learn about our recommendations.

1) Skyforge (2015)

Skyforge takes place on the planet of Aelion, with players able to travel to the capital as well as several other locations that feature quests to complete and enemies to defeat. There are certain locations that are co-op, allowing you to play with others to complete a mission. Skyforge also features its own social networking system that allows players to keep in contact with those they meet even outside the game. This system is called Aelinet and gives players access to forums, a personal profile, the most recent news on the game’s development, and information on classes and gameplay.

Explore multiple locations across the planet of Aelion.

In Skyforge, the planet of Aelion is under constant attack from hostile gods, and must be protected by the immortals and lesser gods that you can play as. Your goal is to fight against the onslaught of enemies and protect the remaining civilians that reside on the planet’s various locations. The capital of Aelion serves as the player’s base and features three locations: the Divine Observatory, the Research Center, and the Park. In the Observatory players can travel to different locations on the planet. The Research Center allows players to train, change the appearance of their character, and experiment with new classes. Lastly, the Park lets players interact with one another and host events that other players can join.

Learn skills and talents to unlock new classes in the Ascension Atlas, which keeps track of your class progression.

A unique feature of Skyforge is its class system. Players can switch between their unlocked classes at any time they are not in combat. All classes progress simultaneously, allowing players to play as any class they like, and removing the need to start completely over if the class you initially chose does not fit to your liking. More classes are unlocked as you progress through the game and learn new skills, with 13 that are currently available: Cryomancer, Paladin, LightBinder, Archer, Berserker, Kinetic, Necromancer, Slayer, Gunner, Warlock/Witch, Monk, Alchemist, and Knight.

2) Riders of Icarus (2016)

Riders of Icarus is a MMORPG focused on aerial combat and the taming of various mounts that are available for use in combat. Set in the world of Icarus, you will visit several locations across the world, capturing and collecting a variety of mythical beasts to aid you on your quest. You will fight and complete missions with other players in your efforts to protect mankind from an ancient evil that has returned to conquer the world.

Fight larger than life beasts atop your loyal mount.

Tame a variety of mythical creatures in your adventures in Icarus, like this chunky looking Chocobo.

In Riders of Icarus you can choose from the classes of Wizard, Guardian, berserker, Assassin, and Priest. In this game the creatures you tame also play a significant role in combat and gameplay, acting as mounts, pets that fight by your side, or as a source of power to enhance your gear and other abilities. If you keep a creature as your mount you can adorn it with armor and use it to travel across the world much more efficiently. Once you get to a high enough level in game, you can even tame fearsome dragons and engage in exciting airborne combat.

Riders of Icarus experienced a peak number of players in July of this year, and currently averages about 3,600 players.

3) Tree of Savior (2016)

Tree of Savior is a fairytale-like game based on Lithuanian culture and mythology. It takes place in a kingdom that was once under the blessing of several Goddesses that protected the people and helped them survive off the land. One day the Divine Tree emerged in the center of the capital and destroyed the kingdom, and the Goddesses were nowhere to be found as flowers and trees turned into monsters that ravaged the land and the people within. Until one day, many years later, several people from around the kingdom came forward, claiming to have dreamed of the Goddesses’ return.

Fight against monsters, alone or with friends.

There are four base classes you can choose from- Swordsman, Archer, Wizard, and Cleric- all of which can be further advanced multiple times into 80 character classes that can be mixed and matched to allow for a great deal of customization in the way that you fight and play. Tree of Savior has been praised for its unique graphics and variety of bosses, each of which have their own mechanics and special attacks to fight against.

Explore the charming fairytale world, as you search for the lost Goddesses. 

In Tree of Savior you can play alone of with a group, fighting through dungeons, searching for lost Goddesses, and protecting the land against waves of monster attacks. Players start out in a Lodge, where you can choose your character and customize their appearance, as well as your companion. You can also visit other player’s lodges while in game.

As recently as June of this year, Tree of Savior boasted the largest player base of MMORPGs on Steam and currently has an average of 5,800 players.

4) TERA (2012)

The world of TERA spans over four continents, taking you on a journey through numerous cities and lawless wastelands. In game you can trade, form guild, battle through dungeons and explore the vast world as you fight against gods and colossal monsters. Your goal is to travel across the continents, defending cities and gearing up to take on the argons, strange and violent creatures from another world that are suspected of making plans to launch an attack that will destroy the world.

Protect the world from larger than life beasts.

Battle with friends against the onslaught of monsters.

In TERA characters can be one of seven races, each with special skills that aid them in different ways, and can belong to one of 12 classes: Archer, Berserker, Brawler, Gunner, Lancer, Mystic, Ninja, Priest, Reaper, Sorcerer, Slayer, and Warrior. The unique feature of TERA is its combat system, which requires players to target enemies with a crosshair and dodge attacks. The distance between the player and the enemy will determine what kinds of attacks may be used.

TERA experienced its most active player base last year, and today has an average of 1,900.

5) RIFT (2011)

RIFT takes place in the world of Telara, a land filled with rifts that open into the elemental Planes of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death. These rifts are portals where mystical creatures can enter Telara and wreak havoc and destruction. As one of the chosen heroes, called the Ascended, you must defend the land against these monsters and close the rifts, clear out dungeons, and explore the continents and planes of existence. You can join a group of other players when entering the area around a rift, when battling through dungeons, and when going on Raids.

Travel across the elemental Planes.

Battle with a party of other players in an attempt to close rifts that appear across the land.

Players can choose to be one of 6 races, which will determine what faction they are in: The Guardians or The Defiant. The Guardians follow the religion of the Vigil, while The Defiant put their faith in science and technology. There are also five classes to choose from- the Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage, or Primalist- each of which can be customized to a great extent as experience is gained and skills are learned. Called Souls, these traits and abilities can be mixed and matched to customize your character to fit your desired playstyle.

RIFT currently has a small player base of about 550 players.

6) Uncharted Waters Online (2010)

Uncharted Waters Online takes place in the 15th century, during the Age of Exploration. In this game you are captain of your own ship, engaging in trade between the European and Asian continents, exploring the vast open seas, and fighting your way through intense naval battles against other players. Your goal is to reach the unexplored East first, and conquer as many cities as you can to expand the influence of your country.

Take over cities with your fleet of ships.

Explore undiscovered lands.

Players can choose allegiance to one of 6 countries: England, Dutch Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, or Venice. You may also choose one of three professions: adventurer, merchant, or soldier, each of which can be advanced further by leveling up skills and purchasing different jobs related to the profession.

Uncharted Waters Online has a current average player base of 110 players.

7) Dungeons & Dragons Online (2006)

Dungeons & Dragons is set in the city of Stormreach, on the largely unexplored continent of Xen’drik. In game you complete quests for experience points, clear dungeons and battle monsters from the classic tabletop edition. You can adventure alone, with friends, or join a guild to meet and play with new people. Your main goal in Dungeons & Dragons is to protect Stormreach from a variety of monster attacks and complete quests for NPCs.

Fight with friends against fearsome monsters.

Players can choose from 8 races and 13 classes, each with a large number of traits and abilities available to customize your character to your liking. The current available classes are Artificer, Bard, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Warlock.

Choose from a variety of classes to customize your character.

A unique feature of Dungeons & Dragons is that you also have the option to create a character that is a combination of any three classes. In addition, experience points are gained through completing quests instead of by defeating monsters.

Dungeons & Dragons currently has an average player base of 200 players.

8) WildStar (2014)

WildStar is set on the newly discovered planet of Nexus. Control of the planet is being fought over by two factions: The Dominion and The Exiles. You must choose a side in the war and help uncover what happened to the lost alien race of Eldan and their legendary technology. In game you can go on quests, battle against other players, and clear out dungeons. You can also own a sky plot, where you can build a house add on things like a crafting bench or exploration shaft.

Travel across the unexplored planet of Nexus.

Build and customize your own home on a cozy space plot.

In WildStar you can choose from 8 races, 6 classes, and an additional 4 paths. The classes available are Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker, and Medic. The path you choose- Explorer, Soldier, Settler, or Scientist- will unlock specific content that will aid you through your adventures. For example, if you choose to be a Settler you gain access to building battle arenas, hospitals, taverns, and spaceports for your friends to use.

WildStar has a current average player base of 600 players, with a peak of 1,700 players reached in June of this year.

9) The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt (2016)

The Pirate: Caribben Hunt lets you set sail in the Age of Piracy. You are the captain of your own pirate ship and can sail the waters to attack other ships, search for buried treasure, trade goods, and even hold towns for ransom and loot.

Engage in epic sea battles.

Level up your captain with a variety of skills as you progress.

There are 20 classes of ships that you can upgrade and add to your fleet, falling under the categories of Civil, Military, and Premium, the last of which are based on famous historical vessels. You can also learn new captain skills that will aid you in your quest. A unique feature is that you can control multiple ships at once in battle, switching between them on the fly. There are a numerous number of islands and ports to visit, with the ability to construct multiple bases in different locations.

The Pirate: Caribbean currently has an average base of 800 players.

10) The Lord of the Rings Online (2007)

The Lord of the Rings Online takes place in the universe and time period of the original books, taking you through iconic locations of Middle Earth like the Shire and Lothlórien. You play through a series of adventures that follow the storyline of the books, creating your own character and also having the ability to play as legendary characters from the original series at specified times. During the game you can explore the world of Middle Earth and go on various quests for NPCs, as well as clearing out dungeons and fighting against hordes of monsters with other players in a fellowship of up to six characters.

Travel across Middle Earth with your loyal fellowship.

Visit iconic locations from the books.

In Lord of the Rings Online, you can choose from 5 races- Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Beorning, and Man- as well as 7 classes- Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Burglar, Captain, Minstrel, and Lore-master. Additionally, you can choose from 10 professions and 7 vocations, each with a large number of customizable skills and traits to develop. Unlike most MMO’s, a unique feature of Lord of the Rings Online is the ability to play as a monster in addition to your playable character. As a monster you can battle against other players and play through special monster quests, as well as defend and take over outposts.

Lord of the Rings Online has an average player base of 1,000 players.

If you enjoy the open world and social aspect of adventure games but don’t want to pay the hefty subscription fee, there is sure to be something on this list that you will enjoy. From sailing on the seas to exploring space, there is a free adventure waiting for you in one of these games.

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